Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chef Comma Interrupted

My bff came up with the name Chef Interrupted and I loved it immediately. It sounded sort of familiar because it reminded me of this novel turned movie I watched years ago called Girl Interrupted. It had this edginess to it that resonated with me. Turns out it was familiar because I had heard it before. There's a popular cookbook called Chef, Interrupted and a colleague of mine has a blog (I just found out) called Cookus Interruptus. They are not the same words exactly. Shoot there's a comma in the book, and the other's in faux Latin but all the same, it sort of sits in my gut like a chunk of raw garlic.

I plan on writing in this blog for a long time, so I'd rather start off on a truly original note. I have put the bug in my friend's ear to come up with some alternatives and I'll throw some of my own out there, but please feel free to weigh in. The name doesn't have to be specifically food allergy related as I plan on writing about all things food, whether or not I can eat it, damn it. Some themes I'm thinking on relate to my skinnyness (Sac of antlers.blogspot.com) because it seems to be a favorite topic of my students and clients who can't fathom why I don't weigh 400 pounds or to garlic itself, perhaps going with the vampire chef theme. My friend suggested (Syncopated chef.blogspot.com). Ideas?


wine goddess said...

How about the Starving Chef?

Anonymous said...

How about "Culinary Martyr"?

Jesse said...

"Balsamic Chef Reduction"

DateDyke said...

i say keep it and don't worry about it again. there are lots of redundancies in the universe -- like you and jeff goldblum, for example. there are many bands, books, websites, and movie stars who go by similar names and don't seem to suffer for it. give a shout out to the other blog and the cookbook on your sidebar and then move on to more good writing!

Anonymous said...

How bout "Gut Check Chef"? I've always thought a part of your last name should be incorporated.....

Jesse said...

I agree with datedyke about just keeping it...

But in case you need some more laughable and bad ideas keep reading:

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That's Chef-ed up!

So far "Count Chefula" (submitted by Steve Lewis) is my favorite for absolute absursity

Skintight Tamper Bunny said...

All your soup base are belong to us

Becky the Campfire Slayer



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The Toquemaster

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Basil Fawlty

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The Nose Flute

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upon request said...

keep it! but if you can't; use one of your brother's... :)

Dana said...

I really like this title, since it seems to completely capture your situation. So my first vote is to just keep it. Since it doesn't seem to fit the book very well anyways.


Hungry with Hives
Chef, Reinvented
Glutton Free Girl
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Mobily Juckers Guide to Joyless Cuisine
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